About Quill

Casey McQuillan is a freelance software engineer in southern California with over 5 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies to create cloud applications, business automation, and data integration systems. He has a passion for cloud architecture, application security, and enhancing people's productivity through automation. He has experience working in large enterprise environments developing products that server millions of users as well as smaller, scrappy startups that are bootstrapping their way to success.

Casey has been slinging code since he was a child. From age nine he was creating his own websites in HTML and CSS, and he spent the better part of high school writing C code to build and enhance virtual worlds in old-school Multi-User-Dungeons.

When not coding or working with his business clients, you can find Casey working on one of his Github projects, baking a batch of artisan sourdough, or spending time with his wife and daughter.

About Quill Technologies, LLC

Quill Technologies, LLC was founded on the principle that all growing businesses can benefit from applying custom technological solutions and best practices. Quill Technologies focuses on the customer's business, how that business functions, and attempts to adapt technology to better fit the consumer. From an internal perspective, you can expect Quill Technologies to bring additional efficiencies and cost-savings to your staff. From an external perspective, you can expect Quill Technologies to aggressively pursue greater value for your customers.

Quill Technologies applies the idea that innovation for innovation's sake is not appreciated. Our relationship with our customers is not about breaking existing molds or forgetting past practices, but about taking the pieces that work and finding the next small change that has the biggest impact.


We do our best to integrate into your process so that you don't need to adapt. We will communicate with you on your terms and do our best to deliver a mutually agreed-upon schedule. We do not believe that communication and bureaucracy should create friction when developing your solution. You can rely upon us to make any reasonable accommodation to complete your project.


We put the focus of your business at the forefront of our engagement. We believe that smart, efficient businesses are great at finding the right way to do things and that software applications exist to enhance those competencies. While we always work to streamline and enhance processes, our work will truly shine in building upon the places where you already excel!


We focus on being the subject-matter expert that you can rely on to make your business decisions. A growing business should not need to learn all of the best practices for any new technology that they implement. You can expect solutions built through us to be thoroughly researched so that the problems and solutions fit your organization.